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North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection is frequently interviewed for articles. Here's a list of some the recent articles that have been published on corporate logging:

Oregon Lawmakers Set Out to increase the Timber Industry's Tax Bill. Instead, They Cut it Again

Oregon House Moves to Curb Forest Institute's Power and Budget

A Timber Lobbyist Called our Investigation "Completely Bogus."  We Have the Receipts to Show it's Not

Oregon's Logging Industry Says it Can't Afford New Taxes. But Prices Have Never Been Higher and Profits are Soaring

"We Have Counties in Deep Trouble": Oregon Lawmakers Seek to Reverse Timber Tax Cuts That Cost Communities Billions

Timber Tax Cuts Cost Oregon Towns Billions. Then Clear-Cuts Polluted Their Water and Drove Up Its Price

Big Money Bought Oregon's Forests. Small Timber Communities are Paying the Price

Oregon Takes Big Step Toward Privatizing Elliott State Forest

How We Analyzed Data from Oregon's Timber Industry

Oregon Environmental Groups, Timber Companies Strike 'Extraordinary' Compromise, Signaling End to November Ballot Fight

After Logging 420-year-old Tree, Oregon State Announces New Protections for Old Growth

How the State Almost Clearcut a Scenic Oregon River

Campaign Cash Thwarted Oregon's Green Ideals: What the Legislature May (and May Not) Change

Polluted by Money: How Lawmakers Could Flush Corporate Money Out of Oregon Politics

Do Oregon's Clear-Cut and Pesticide Buffers Protect Drinking Water from Creeks, Rivers?

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