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Meeting, July 25th at 6:30pm

Next Thursday, July 25 at 6:30 PM, North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection will be holding another of its regular ‘last Thursday of the month’ grassroots, public meetings at the St.Mary by the Sea Parish Hall; 275 S Pacific St; Rockaway Beach Oregon. Our goal is to increase citizen involvement regarding the future of the Jetty Creek Watershed and other coastal drinking watersheds. Everyone has the right to abundant clean and safe drinking water. This is a basic human right . Please join us this Thursday to learn about and discuss these important issues. This will be an in person meeting, but it will also be available on zoom for those unable to attend.

Important Petition Alert

Save Mothball Hill, Davis Ridge, And Slough Hill From Clearcutting


WHEREAS, the proposed clearcuts named ‘Mothball Hill’, ‘Davis Ridge’, and ‘Slough Hill’ (Alt) in Oregon Department of Forestry Astoria District draft Annual Operations Plan for 2025 are immediately abutting numerous residential properties and recreational areas, and fail to address community concerns; 

 WHEREAS, Oregon Department of Forestry’s planned logging fails to address unprecedented climate change and does not account for the increasing coastal heat waves and water scarcity correlated with deforestation;

WHEREAS, the standard practice of pesticide applications after logging can have serious impacts on the health of neighboring residents, recreationalists, drinking water quality, and wildlife;

 WHEREAS, clearcutting and replanting practices are known to increase wildfire intensity and reduce stream flow for up to fifty years post harvest; they are known to increase risk of landslides on steep slopes, as found at ‘Mothball Hill’ and ‘Slough Hill,’ as well as increase flash floods during storm events;

 WHEREAS, the proposed logging near John Day River and Gnat Creek increases the likelihood of silt and other contaminants impacting drinking water, as well as wetlands and tributaries that are essential to salmon and other aquatic life; salmon are a native species that are endangered due to numerous industrial practices including clearcutting;

 ACCORDINGLY, Petitioners want ‘Mothball Hill’, ‘Davis Ridge’, and ‘Slough Hill’ removed from ODF’s 2025 Astoria District Annual Operations Plan and eliminated from further considerations of timber harvests in the future.

 ACCORDINGLY, Petitioners want the ODF to publicize draft Annual Operation Plans in multiple media at least two months in advance of the public comment deadline and to make a special effort to contact and meet with residents living in proximity to any planned logging before initial approval.

Looking over Watershed

JETTY CREEK 1994-2022


Trygve’s photographic timeline of Jetty Creek from 1994 through 2022.

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This is Our Watershed

Senator Golden’s Bill Sb 1593

Senator Golden’s Bill Sb 1593 is set to have a hearing this Wednesday, 2/28 at 3:00pm. This bill

Senator Golden’s Bill Sb 1593

Meg Thompson, NCCWP Member: Letter to Senator Elizabeth Steiner

Dear Senator Elizabeth Steiner; I appreciate your desire to address fire risks to our forests. However, your Senate

Meg Thompson, NCCWP Member: Letter to Senator Elizabeth Steiner
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Our Mission

North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection (NCCWP) is a grass-roots association of citizens from Rockaway Beach and surrounding communities. The group began in 2012 with the actions of one Rockaway citizen concerned about clear cutting for forestland and aerial spraying in the Jetty Creek Watershed - the sole source of her community's drinking water.

The group now partners with neighboring communities facing air- and water-quality issues and with statewide organizations advocating for forest practices that will ensure clean air and water for all living beings.

Our Goals

  • To educate citizens about the connection between forest practices and the quality of their air and water.
  • To advocate for forest practices that will ensure clean air and water.
  • To support communities working to protect their watershed.
  • No more clearcutting and pesticide spraying in our drinking water sources, regardless of land ownership.

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We are a grassroots organization concerned about our watershed. We are making a difference in our community. 

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