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The City of Rockaway Beach has formed the Source Water Protection Plan Development Advisory Committee for the purpose of providing community input to the city’s Source Water Protection Plan for Jetty Creek. The city council is considering purchasing the Jetty Creek drinking watershed from the timber companies who currently own it. NCCWP applauds these efforts!

On May 30, NCCWP will be holding a grassroots meeting, open to all, to collaborate on how we can be involved in this decision-making process. We hope to shape the discussion arounddeveloping constructive feedback for the drinking watershed committee, and what our goals are for purchasing the watershed. All people who drink the water from Jetty Creek, as well as others concerned about protecting drinking watersheds, are encouraged to attend. Thanks to the people who attended the April meeting; please consider attending this one, also. 

Everyone has a right to clean, safe drinking water! Please join us on May 30 (and the last Thursday of each month) at St. Mary by the Sea to learn about and discuss these important issues.

This will be an "in-person" meeting that will also be on Zoom for those unable to attend.

"Once a Braided River: How Portland Abused and Degraded the River that Runs Through It"

A new documentary by Barbara Bernstein will be shown at The Columbian Theater; 1102 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR on Friday, May 31 at 7:00 p.m.

$5 at the Door

For thousands of years, the north reach of the Willamette River was a braided river of shallow channels and islands, rich in biodiversity and home to many bands of Indigenous people.

Today the area is designated an "Industrial Sanctuary," but the communities that were displaced or damaged by this so-called sanctuary, see it as an industrial sacrifice zone. Along a six-mile stretch of Portland Harbor, hundreds of aging tanks store over 300 million gallons of volatile fossil fuels—90% of the state’s liquid fossil fuel inventory.

"Once a Braided River," a new documentary by Barbara Bernstein, focuses on the part of Portland that most Portlanders ignore or don't know about. It braids together the strands of many issues that face us - climate chaos, rivers contaminated with toxic pollutants, fish and wildlife brought to the brink of extinction by these perilous practices, and the dire hazards of storing immense amounts of explosive fossil fuels upon liquefaction zones underlain by major fault lines along the shorelines of our rivers.

"Once a Braided River" begins with the story of the river before it was transformed into a Superfund Site and features community groups and activists working to replace the current "Industrial Sanctuary" with a green, working waterfront defined by good jobs, clean energy, and healthy ecosystems. The documentary explores their vision to reclaim this stretch of river as a place where people who depend upon the river for their homes and jobs, and wildlife that depends upon the river for their homes and migration routes, can thrive.

Looking over Watershed

JETTY CREEK 1994-2022


Trygve’s photographic timeline of Jetty Creek from 1994 through 2022.

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This is Our Watershed

Senator Golden’s Bill Sb 1593

Senator Golden’s Bill Sb 1593 is set to have a hearing this Wednesday, 2/28 at 3:00pm. This bill

Senator Golden’s Bill Sb 1593

Meg Thompson, NCCWP Member: Letter to Senator Elizabeth Steiner

Dear Senator Elizabeth Steiner; I appreciate your desire to address fire risks to our forests. However, your Senate

Meg Thompson, NCCWP Member: Letter to Senator Elizabeth Steiner
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Our Mission

North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection (NCCWP) is a grass-roots association of citizens from Rockaway Beach and surrounding communities. The group began in 2012 with the actions of one Rockaway citizen concerned about clear cutting for forestland and aerial spraying in the Jetty Creek Watershed - the sole source of her community's drinking water.

The group now partners with neighboring communities facing air- and water-quality issues and with statewide organizations advocating for forest practices that will ensure clean air and water for all living beings.

Our Goals

  • To educate citizens about the connection between forest practices and the quality of their air and water.
  • To advocate for forest practices that will ensure clean air and water.
  • To support communities working to protect their watershed.
  • No more clearcutting and pesticide spraying in our drinking water sources, regardless of land ownership.

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We are a grassroots organization concerned about our watershed. We are making a difference in our community. 

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