Understanding Your Drinking Water

How to be Notified of Aerial Pesticide Spraying in Your Area

Please check out this website if you would like to be notified of aerial pesticide spraying in your area!  https://ferns.odf.oregon.gov/E-Notification

The Forest Activity Electronic Reporting and Notification System (FERNS) is set up by the Oregon Department of Forestry. FERNS allows you to create an account, subscribe and receive notifications of upcoming timber operations and aerial pesticide spraying.   

The site can be a little confusing. First you must create an account . After you are logged in, at the top of the page click on Search, then click Advanced Search. on that page, you can click on the left field to see the notification types along with all other fields to search on. That will allow you to search for pesticide notifications along with narrowing it down by date and area.  The following screenshots may help:

The following links are resources to help you better understand your drinking water. 

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