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Troubled Waters in Oregon Forests

Nancy Webster lives in Rockaway Beach, Oregon and is speaking out about the need for improved forest practices in Oregon. Her drinking water has been affected by clearcutting on industrial timberlands above town. “There’s no way we should be logging like this. It’s time for change.” 

Find out more about the campaign to protect Oregon’s Forest Waters at

2023 Public Interest Environmental Law Conference

Keynote Talk by Mary Wood

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Truths About the Economics of Logging

A presentation by Ernie Niemi

The Oregon Forest Trust: From Commodity to Commonwealth

Professor Mary Wood and the Conservation Trust Project University of Oregon School of Law

Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

A community presentation by NCCWP

Bryn Clodfelter Community Health Study

NCCWP hosts a presentation by Bryn Clodfelter on the effects of forestry practices on community health in coastal Oregon communities.

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