Helpful Documents

Publications and Case Studies

Secretary of State's Office (SOS)

Audit Report on

Rural Water Supplies

Ernie Niemi's Testimony

to the

Washington Supreme Court

Drinking Water Resources for Oregonians

Current Forest Pesticides used on the Oregon Coast

Case Study of the Tillamook State Forest and Herbicide Spray Use 2015-2018

by Beyond Toxics, Lisa Arkin, Executive Director

Natural Resource Economics:

Comments for 8 September Board Meeting, Agenda Item #1

by Ernie Niemi

Images That Cry Out for Change

by Trygve Steen

Water Treatment Contaminants:

Forgotten Toxics in American Water

Oregon Coastal Drinking Water
Protection Planning
Jetty Creek:
Municipal Water Source
within an Industrial Forest
Toxicity Presentation:
Deke Gunderson 
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