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North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection is requesting an extended comment period regarding the proposed Olympic Line clearcut.

The land is owned by Stimson Lumber and it directly abuts Jetty Creek. (See FERNS-NOAP Olympic Line #2020-511-12574; Stimson Lumber Company).

Jetty Creek is scheduled to begin clearcutting on December 5th. 

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Submit comments to express your concern about clearcutting this important part of our watershed.

The notice of this proposed cut was issued on November 20th, and this only allows 15 calendar days (not business days) before the work is to proceed on December 5th. In fact, the 15 day time period is effectively shortened by the Thanksgiving Day holiday, making the time available even more inadequate.

Jetty Creek EcoTrust

The proposed clearcut is the patch of green under letters “y Creek” (of Jetty Creek)

Adverse Affects of Clear Cut

This simply is not enough time for public notice and consideration of this cut which is very likely to have adverse effects on the primary source of drinking water for the City of Rockaway Beach, Jetty Creek.

We are concerned, because a large part of the 55 acres that is intended to be cut is so close to the main stream of Jetty Creek. While this may be legally allowable under the outdated and inadequate Oregon Forest Practices Act, we believe that because this area slopes so steeply towards the creek, additional sediment introduced into the creek will adversely affect the water that Rockaway Beach depends on.

The Jetty Creek watershed is fragile. Further logging and subsequent pesticide spraying has a high probability of creating public health risks for the citizens of Rockaway Beach by jeopardizing its water quality and quantity.

Clearcutting may start as soon as Saturday, December 5, 2020

Past Affects of Clear Cut

The extensive clearcuts that already exist in the watershed create low stream flows in the summer (when more water is needed) and high stream flows in the winter.

In recent years, millions of dollars have been spent in this community to upgrade the water filtration plant and for salmon restoration. Additional clearcutting may jeopardize that work.

Impact on Salmon Runs

Since Jetty Creek is listed as supporting a threatened coho run and a wild steelhead run, any adverse effect on water quality is especially significant. There is known to be a high correlation between clearcutting on high-angle slopes, landslides, and erosion that affects salmon runs.

Logging so close to a stream can increase water turbidity and temperature, both of which are detrimental to salmon runs. Olympic Line is one of the last areas along the creek that has larger trees, since the rest of the Jetty Creek water shed has already been extensively clearcut going back to about 2003.

Possible Landslides

If Olympic Line is clearcut, there will be very few trees remaining in the watershed that are older than 20 years (most of them are far younger).

Also, that area is highly susceptible to landslides. In fact, there is already evidence of earth movement, since a large fissure presently exists within that area.

Clearcutting may start as soon as Saturday, December 5, 2020


In summary, the area proposed to be clearcut, Olympic Line, is the most beautiful woods left in the Jetty Creek watershed . . . an island of second-growth trees that have old growth characteristics with a healthy understory, all of which stands out in an area dominated by tree plantations.

Compared to the other areas of the watershed that have already been cut, this area has much more biodiversity. This small island of biodiversity needs to be left so it can be a source for natural forest organisms that can help heal the surrounding clearcuts.

For all the reasons stated above, we appeal to the Oregon Department of Forestry to extend the time for public comment on this proposed cut. 15 calendar days is not enough time.

Finally, we appeal to Andrew Miller, CEO of Stimson Lumber, to not clearcut one of the few remaining vestiges of forest in the Jetty Creek watershed upon which the citizens of the City of Rockaway Beach depend.

Too much damage has already been done to the Jetty Creek watershed. For the future, let's all do what would be best for the drinking water and the fish.

How to Take Action

Make your voice heard by sending comments to the people who make the decisions. Below you will find a list of people to write to, please share, post, write letters and tell your friends!

Comments that you submit do not need to be long, but keep in mind that personalized comments are typically the most effective.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. Time is of the essence!

Oregon Department of Forestry

Submit a request to Bryce Rodgers: 1) Oregon Department of Forestry extend the comment period beyond December 5, 2020. 2) Submit a comment regarding the proposed clearcutting of the 55 acres.

  • Title your email: Please Post Comment to FERNS Olympic Line NOAP ID: 2020-511-12574
  • Bryce will upload your comments directly to the FERNS page


Submit comments directly to the FERNS Olympic Line NOAP page:


Submit a comment on the Oregon Department of Forestry website through their general comment form:


Submit a comment on the Oregon Board of Forestry website:

Stimson Lumber Company

Submit your concerns to Brent Long at Stimson Lumber Company:

Governor's Office

Express your concern to our governor, Kate Brown:


Contact the National Resource Policy Director, Jason Miner:

City of Rockaway Beach

Contact Rockaway Beach City Hall:


Contact officials at Rockaway Beach directly:

Tillamook County Commissioners

Submit your concerns to the Tillamook County Commissioners:

If this additional logging by Stimson Lumber at Jetty Creek is allowed to proceed, it will demonstrate the imperative for revising the Oregon Forest Practices Act and related regulations.

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