“The Cutting” an Oregonian Article: We’re in the News Again!!

Clear cutting

The following article was printed in the Oregonian on December 31, 2020. It has an important message concerning saving our coastal watersheds.

The article highlights how industrial logging is a serious threat to water quality and quantity in Oregon. 

The story includes a section entitled: For One Company, A Small Town Caused a Big Stir.  This is a reference to Rockaway Beach and our organization, North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection (NCCWP).

For 10 years, NCCWP has worked to shine a light on industrial logging's impact on Rockaway Beach and other coastal communities that are facing a drinking water crisis.

The volunteers from NCCWP who have spent countless hours advocating for, and speaking up about the need for clean air, water, and healthy forests deserve a special thank you.

As Dr. Trygve Steen said, "Clearly, this situation needs to motivate resolute action to make appropriate improvements to Oregon's forestry regulations which are very much weaker than Washington's."

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about how to get involved with the Rural Citizens' Timber Tax Initiative.

And soon, the Winter edition of the NCCWP Newsletter will be out.

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