Agent Orange in Oregon Forests

Agent Orange

Agent Orange in Oregon Forests? WAIT, WHAT?

Friends, we’re excited to announce a very special event you’ll not want to miss if you care about Oregon forests, clean water, and clean air. Noted photographer and environmentalist Roger Dorband will present a compelling talk about “The Agent Orange Legacy in Oregon Forests” followed by Q&A and specific guidance on taking action through writing and community activism.

  • What: The Agent Orange Legacy in Oregon Forests, by Roger Dorband of Astoria
  • When: Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 10:00am
  • Where: St. Mary’s by the Sea Catholic Church, 275 S. Pacific St., Rockaway Beach

This special event is sponsored by the Rockaway Beach Citizens for Watershed Protection (RBCWP) whose goal is to fight for and protect access to safe, clean water and air for Oregon coastal communities.

Mr. Dorband will share how he got involved in exposing the impacts of forest practices, especially the pesticide spraying that is done after clearcutting. Time for questions and an open discussion of the issues will follow.

Roger will also teach us how to write effective letters to newspaper editors and legislators to bring about positive change. A short RBCWP business meeting will follow. Light refreshments available.

Agent Orange in Oregon Forests
Please join us!

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About Roger Dorband

Roger Dorband is a native of Grants Pass, Oregon where he grew up on the Rogue River. He received a bachelors degree in psychology from the University of Oregon before earning a second degree in fine art from Portland State University. In collaboration with renowned author Ursula K. LeGuin, Mr. Dorband’s black and white photography was published in “Blue Moon Over Thurman Street.” He also published “The Rogue, Portrait of a River” and “Out Here” a second collaboration with Ms. LeGuin.

Recently, Roger contributed several outstanding articles to Hipfish, the Astoria monthly newspaper. For example, in the May 2016 edition he wrote “A Forest for the Trees” as a letter to Bernie Sanders, which did a great job of summarizing current industrial forest practices in Oregon and the resulting negative impacts. In the August 2016 edition he wrote “So Close to Home: A Forest Becomes a Clearcut and a Knappa Couple Grieves” and in September and October he wrote the two-part series “Oregon’s Shame: Agent Orange in the Oregon Forests.”

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