Short Sands Workshop and Panel

Short Sands Workshop

Our workshop at Pine Grove Community House in Manzanita included the viewing of two films, an issue round table panel with local experts, and networking and workshop activities. Information tables were staffed by Oregon Wild, Friends of Nedonna Marsh, and Rockaway Beach Citizens for Watershed Protection. Activities included:

  • Creative Writing/Arts – join kindred spirits to express yourself in creative ways that make a difference for the quality of our air, water, and environment.
  • Legislative Letter Writing – change starts with us and runs all the way to Salem. Experts, laptops, wifi, and a printer will be on hand to help you write emails and letters to government and industry leaders.
  • Stickers and Posters! – grab some Save Short Sands stickers and other cool stuff to help spread the word about toxic assaults on Short Sands and our watersheds.

Thank you to all of the organizers, panelists, volunteers, group members, and participants. What a lively and informative event!

Save Short Sands Community Workshop
Short Sands Community Workshop
Welcome to the Save Short Sands Workshop
Save Short Sands - Steve
Save Short Sands - Discussion
Crafts to Save Short Sands
Get Involved to Save Short Sands
Save Short Sands Letter Writing
Letter Writing
Finished Letters to our Legislators



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