Drinking Water Resources for Oregonians

Water is a public trust issue and you have a right to know what’s going on with your drinking water!First, search for your water provider here: https://yourwater.oregon.gov/wssearch.php Ecotrust “Drinking Water Data for Coastal Communities” – find more data on water https://ecotrust.org/drinking-water-data-for-oregon-coast-communities/“Drinking Water of Coastal Oregon” – EcoTrust Map Tool https://ecotrust.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapJournal/index.html?appid=3d13b3b434254dfdb2ae6084619bf619  Environmental Working Group – Tapwater Database https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/Numbers […]

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Hazards of Hand-Spraying in Industrial Forests

By Nancy Webster & Bob Larson, representing North Coast Communities for Watershed ProtectionDo people who live near forestlands that are managed using industrial forestry practices have valid reasons to be concerned about the effects of pesticide spraying—even when it is not applied aerially, but, rather, by hand at ground level? While it may be true […]

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Volunteer Opportunities 2022

North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection (NCCWP) depends on the advocacy and support of community volunteers to safeguard our forests and drinking water sources along the coast.    This is a 100% grassroots group and we rely on your ideas and help!   If you are interested in volunteering, please come to our next NCCWP […]

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A Citizen Report from Lincoln County about Drinking Water

NCCWP is concerned that the Oregon Coast is facing an evolving drinking water crisis. Coastal communities are experiencing water quality and quantity issues, especially in the summer months. Industrial forestry practices, combined with climate change, drought, and heat domes, are a serious threat to the future of our water. quality and quantity.  Here is a […]

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Forest with Clearcut Patch

Corporate Logging News Articles

    Corporate Logging Article Links North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection is frequently interviewed for articles. Here’s a list of some the recent articles that have been published on corporate logging: Oregon Lawmakers Set Out to increase the Timber Industry’s Tax Bill. Instead, They Cut it Again Read the Article Oregon House Moves to […]

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Heavy equipment destroying forest

Has Industrial Forestry Impacted You? Share Your Story

Share Your Story Because of Covid-19, it’s been a long time since North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection has been able to have in-person community gatherings.  But we’re still around, advocating for healthy drinking-water watersheds. Now, we’re looking for TWO THINGS: Volunteers and People who are willing to share their stories about how industrial forestry […]

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Fish in stream

Action Alert: Drinking Water and Pesticide Management

To: NCCWP Members and Area Residents
From: North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection
Re: Comments to ODF Board about Drinking Water and Pesticide Moratorium

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) is accepting comments about both its Forest Management Plan (FMP) and its Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). Since there’s a Board of Forestry meeting on Wednesday, September 8, ideally comments should be submitted to them by Thursday, September 2, 2021. At the beginning of your message, state that it’s specifically for the BOF meeting on September 8. There are new BOF members; therefore, we want them to read our comments. (As soon as it’s available, we’ll send out more information about the meeting.)
These ODF plans cover dozens of forestland issues that are worthy of comment, but they do not prioritize safe drinking water. Also, they fail to adequately recognize the role that forestry practices can play in threatening our water supplies. They do not underscore the urgency many of us feel as we experience less rainfall as well as more pollution in the water that we do have. Timber harvesting is ODF’s top goal, and it’s hard to see where protecting drinking water gets more than a mention.
You can see more about ODF’s plans at: https://www.oregon.gov/odf On that website, look under Hot Topics for: (1) Western Oregon State Forest Management Plan and (2) Habitat Conservation Plan.
You can email the Board of Forestry https://oregon.gov/odf/board/Pages/CommentsBoard.aspx
You can send snail mail to: Board Support Office; Department of Forestry; 2600 State St.; Salem, OR 97310. Also, their Fax # is 503-945-7512.
We are encouraging people to focus their comments on drinking water, because we are trying to raise a red flag. We must protect our watersheds. Coastal water sources are particularly threatened, because of all the clearcutting that is happening in our watersheds. That directly affects both the quantity and quality of water that’s available for drinking. After logging, watersheds are sprayed with untested combinations of pesticides.
We also want a two-year moratorium on the use of these chemicals in watersheds while we study and map water sources, and while we have independent analyses of water quality done. As stated, please focus your comments on drinking water and this request for a moratorium. (Your comments don’t need to be long; short and to the point would be O.K.) If you wish, send me a copy of your comments so we know how many people respond to the BOF. With your help, we’ll raise our voices about drinking water concerns. Thank you for standing up and speaking out. Please share this request for comments with people you know. If you have questions, you may call or email me.

Nancy Webster

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Troubled Waters in Oregon Forests

Nancy Webster lives in Rockaway Beach, Oregon and is speaking out about the need for improved forest practices in Oregon. Her drinking water has been affected by clearcutting on industrial timberlands above town. “There’s no way we should be logging like this. It’s time for change.”    Oregon’s logging rules for rivers and streams lag […]

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Man spraying pesticide

Blaine Oregon Spraying: Insufficient Notice Provided

May 29, 2021: A Local Story Reported by Blaine, Oregon Citizens Imagine you live on land you consider sacred — meadows, orchards, woods, mountainsides, riverbanks near the Pacific Ocean, land you’ve protected for decades. It’s organic. It’s beautiful. It’s quiet, bordered by more than a mile of river banks on The Big Nestucca River. Imagine […]

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Wheeler Clearcut

FERNS Training Workshop

    FERNS Training Workshop Register for our upcoming Zoom Meeting  April 26th – 6:00pm Register Now! On the Oregon Coast, we are currently witnessing an alarming increase in clearcutting and toxic pesticide spraying. For some communities this is happening in close proximity to where people live and within their drinking water sources. These logging […]

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