The Forest Fairies Take 1st Place!

The Forest Fairies, a flighty branch of NCCWP, took first place in the nature representation category at the Manzanita July 4th parade!With fifteen assorted fairies (including the fairy queen!), gnomes, dragons, bears, wolves, stumps, and a skateboarding sprite, they passed out information to adult humans on protecting the fairies’ forest homes, and gave gifts of […]

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Logging Truck - Gold Beach

Timberland Herbicide Spraying Sickens a Community

Companies Deposit Thousands of Pounds of Herbicide Each Year on Oregon ForestsGOLD BEACH, OREGON It began with the whir of a helicopter and a bad smell and the even worse memories that the smell invoked, memories better left on the other side of the world. Within 24 hours of the incident, Keith Wright had a terrible […]

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After Pushback Oregon Scraps Report

After Pushback, Oregon Scraps Report Linking Private Forests To Water Quality RisksOregon’s Department of Environmental Quality drafted a report that identified logging as a contributor to known risks for drinking water quality in communities up and down the Oregon coast. But the report has never been published. It was scrapped by the agency after intense pushback and […]

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Drift: A Community Seeking Justice

Drift was created in the Winter of 2015 by students enrolled in the Environmental Leadership Program at the University of Oregon in collaboration with residents of Gold Beach, OregonOn October 16, 2013, a helicopter spraying herbicides over clearcuts in Cedar Valley took multiple trips over a stretch of homes in Gold Beach, Oregon. Herbicides leaked onto […]

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Benefits of a Healthy Watershed

The Benefits of a Healthy Watershed

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss was about with watersheds? When a watershed is healthy it can have a substantial affect in the community it serves. In fact, many people are surprised at the far-reaching influence a healthy watershed can play.  Not only is the ecosystem rewarded, but the surrounding community also sees […]

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Behind the Emerald Curtain

The video Behind the Emerald Curtain exposes the harmful practices that are happening on Oregon’s private timberlands under the Oregon Forest Practices Act.Streams are logged right through without buffers.Landslides occur because steep slopes are logged.Pesticides are sprayed from helicopters, which drift into homes and clinics. Poisoning forest workers.Take a peek Behind the Emerald Curtain

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